About Roblan

With over 40 years of experience in the lighting and electrical manufacturing market, the ROBLAN brand has become a benchmark for quality and service in a growing number of countries throughout Europe, Latin America and Africa. ROBLAN was founded in 1970 in Latin America as a distributor that offered one of the broadest selections of products in the industry and served high profile companies from the commercial, retail, residential, construction, and industrial markets.

While maintaining its position as a key distributor in Latin America the brand has continued to build on its success and has recently celebrated its 10th anniversary as an established brand in Europe. ROBLAN maintains its position at the forefront of a rapidly evolving market and promotes energy efficiency and cost reduction by manufacturing, testing and perfecting the latest trends in the lighting industry.


ROBLAN now distributes products from a wide range of categories including LEDs, ECO Halogens, Energy Saving and Fluorescent Lamps, Luminaires, Fixtures, Floodlights, and Appliances.


Roblan’s products meet the high demands and needs of a diverse client portfolio and provides lighting for homes, offices, warehouses, stadiums, hospitals, retail shops, gardens, restaurants, hotels.


ROBLAN will continue its expansion within Europe, Africa and Latin America while remaining true to its core strategy: manufacturing and distributing products with optimal quality-cost relationship and offering excellent sales and post-sales services.